Past Events

This page contains transcripts and summaries of some of our key events.  It is an archive of some of the issues that have been central to The Dartmoor Society, the earliest being a detailed report of the 2001 debate ‘Is a National Park good for Dartmoor?’ As some are over 20 years old, they are also historical documents. 

The Dartmoor Society AGM 2024

Selected Past Events.

The Dartmoor Entertainers: Archive film and live music. By Bill Murray

Selected Past Events.

Dartmoor’s Temperate Rainforests: Past, Present and Future.

Selected Past Events.

Hallowed Turf: Perspectives on the Conservation of Dartmoor’s Blanket Peat

12 November 2021.
Selected Past Events.

The Secret Life of Dartmoor Birds: Science for Survival?

12th October 2019.
Selected Past Events.

Stakeholder Attitudes to the Narratives of the Dartmoor Commons: Tradition and the Search for Consensus in a Time of Change

by Adrian Colston – 9th November 2018.
Selected Past Events.

Are We Using Dartmoor’s Stone Resources Wisely?

20th October 2018.
Selected Past Events.

Sabine Baring-Gould and his Search for Folk Songs on Dartmoor

by Martin Graebe – 10th November 2017.
Selected Past Events.

The Dartmoor Conchies

by Simon Dell – 11th November 2016.
Selected Past Events.

Return of the Wildwood? – Is Rewilding the Future for Dartmoor?

29th October 2016.
Selected Past Events.

Dartmoor Weather – Love It or Hate It! 

by Will Hand – 13th November 2015.
Selected Past Events.

Pony Herds and Management on Dartmoor – New Observations

by Robyn Petrie-Ritchie – 31st October 2014.
Selected Past Events.

What Future for Railways and Their Heritage on Dartmoor?

11th October 2014.
Selected Past Events.

Exploring Dartmoor’s Skin: from Cut Hill to Hameldown, Drogo and Tottiford – the Soils of Chagford, Moretonhampstead and Beyond

by Tim Harrod – 8th November 2013.
Selected Past Events.

What Future for Ponies on Dartmoor?

5th October 2013.
Selected Past Events.

The Glaciation of Dartmoor

by Dr. Stephan Harrison– 9th November 2012.

Environment, Tradition and Adventure: Metalmining on and around Dartmoor in the 18th and 19th centuries

by Phil Newman – 23rd November 2011.

Dartmoor’s Archaeological Heritage and its Conservation 1951–2011: New Discoveries – New Attitudes – New Issues

24th September 2011.
Selected Past Events.

The sustainable carbon management of British blanket peatlands: a case study on Dartmoor

by Lauren Parry– 17th November 2010.

What Future for Dartmoor Woodlands?

23rd October 2010.
Selected Past Events.

Dartmoor Churches & Chapels – Community & Conservation

12th September 2009.
Selected Past Events.

Facing Sin – Image and Identity on Medieval Dartmoor

by Sue Andrew (Newsletter 34, pp15–21) – 20th November 2008.
Selected Past Events.

What Future for Dartmoor’s Water Resources?

27th September 2008.

Climate and Environmental Change on Dartmoor: lessons from archaeology and palaeoecology

by Ralph Fyfe (Newsletter 31, pp11–17) – 7th November 2007.

What Future for the Dartmoor Village?

29th September 2007.
Selected Past Events.

Designer Wilderness? What Future for Dartmoor’s Vegetation?

23rd September 2006.
Selected Past Events.

The Future for Dartmoor’s Orchards

1st October 2005.

China Clay on Dartmoor

2nd October 2004.
Selected Past Events.

The Military on Dartmoor

27th September 2003.
Selected Past Events.

Renewable Energy on Dartmoor

19th October 2002.

Is a National Park Good for Dartmoor?

29th September 2001.
Selected Past Events.