Research Fund Applications

Research is essential for good decision making. 

As a wholly independent body, The Dartmoor Society has a special role to play in ensuring that high quality information contributes to the wellbeing of Dartmoor and its communities.  To this aim we support research and sometimes provide small grants. 

We are open to requests where they promote our objectives and where the results are publically available. We might commission our own research or invite applications for a chosen project. We have successfully raised the profile of many aspects of contemporary Dartmoor such as peat restoration, farming culture, grazing and vegetation.  We take an interest in the fluctuations in bird populations and species, and the management and future of Dartmoor ponies to name but a few.  There is potential to explore many others.  Please contact us to talk about your project.

Advice for Applicants

To be considered for a grant, please take note of the following:


  • The project or research must contribute to a better understanding of Dartmoor and clearly demonstrate its evidence base.
  • The project or research is time limited and has an end point.
  •  The project research has a clear aim.

How to apply

  • Give a brief outline of project.
  • State where the project will take place.
  • Give the name and address of the person or persons involved. 
  • Explain the purpose.
  • Provide the start date and end date of your proposal.
  • Give the estimated cost and say whether other funding is being applied for.

Each application will be given serious consideration by the executive committee of The Dartmoor Society and their decision will be final. To apply please contact us at We would like to receive an electronic copy when the work is completed.

Making a Donation

Please consider making a donation to our research fund. To make a donation either:

  •  Make a payment via our DONATE page and send us an email so we can acknowledge your donation.
  • Send a cheque to the above address and include your name and contact details, or
  • Make a donation via BACS transfer and send us an email letting us know so that we can acknowledge your donation. Our bank details are as follows: The Dartmoor Society, Lloyds Bank, Okehampton, sort code 30-96-23, account number 19029768.
  • If you are a member you can donate via the ‘send money online’ section by logging in to the member area on our website.

All donations will be acknowledged.  Thank you very much for your support.

Research Fund.