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The Dartmoor Society

We are a member charity that values Dartmoor’s distinctive human story, its farming culture, and its remarkable archaeological landscapes. We recognize the importance of conservation on a landscape scale where ecological, archaeological and cultural considerations are considered in a thoughtful and integrated manner. We value the written and spoken word, music tradition and innovation. The annual Dartmoor Society Awards recognise practical and creative responses to Dartmoor. Our aim is to be an independent voice for those who find Dartmoor a source of livelihood or inspiration. 

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Latest News

Government response to the Fursdon Review of Protected Sites on Dartmoor is published.

John Walters is presented with The Dartmoor Society award for 2023

Mike Sampson’s Dartmoor Rainfall Report for 2023


Upcoming Events

Dartmoor Society AGM

Saturday 13th April

Members Only

Farmer’s Forum. The outcome of the Independent Review of Protected Sites on Dartmoor led by David Fursdon, and related topics.

Wednesday 22nd May

Visit to Bowden Farm, Buckfastleigh.

Saturday 15th June

The Dartmoor Society

Our aims are to

  • Promote an understanding of Dartmoor as an integrated whole. Culture & tradition, archaeological monuments and landscapes, significant buildings of all ages, and distinctive creatures and plants.

  • Encourage environmentally and socially beneficial use of Dartmoor’s resources: pasture, woodland, soil, stone, minerals, water, wind and sun.

  • Promote a collaborative approach to landscape conservation that focuses on the long-term participation of stakeholders. 

  • Foster research through our Research Fund.

  • Stimulate creative and practical responses through the Dartmoor Society Awards.

  • Share knowledge through our events and our newsletters.