Yennadon Quarry Consultation from DNPA September 2023

The Dartmoor Society has taken an interest in the quarry industry on Dartmoor.
Here is our responce to the following planning application.
Dear Mr Aven,
Subject: Ref: 0432/23 Consultation Request Letter – Application at Yennadon Quarry Iron Mine Lane, PL20 6NA
Thank you for consulting the Dartmoor Society.
We apologise for sending this representation after the date given for consultation responses, but we trust that you will still be able to note what we say.
The Dartmoor Society aims to be an independent voice for those who find Dartmoor a source of livelihood or inspiration.
We value Dartmoor’s distinctive human story, and recognize the importance of conservation on a landscape scale where ecological, archaeological and cultural considerations are considered in a thoughtful and integrated manner.
As such, we value the contribution to conservation that the quarry makes in the production of indigenous building materials which help maintain the vernacular buildings of the area, and allows new buildings to be built in character with their architectural style and we also value the jobs that it sustains.
The proposal to extend the period allowed for the already consented minerals still in the ground to continue to be extracted after 2026 are consistent with these values, and as such the Dartmoor Society wishes to express its support for the application.
Yours sincerely,
Bill Murray