Visit to North Wyke Rothamsted Research Centre

North Wyke Rothamsted Research Centre visit

North Wyke Rothamsted Research Centre visit

The Dartmoor Society were given a real treat on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th September when 31 Members were given a first class guided tour of North Wyke Rothamsted Research Centre.

We were privileged to have a three for one experience where firstly Phil Murray commenced the tour by eloquently explaining to us about the North Wyke “Farm Platform” which through a number of regulatory processes they are ensuring global food security in the face of a changing climate.

Then Deborah Beaumont gave a comprehensive overview of the “Environmental Change Network” programme where by doing extensive research combined with an integrated environmental monitoring programme using the weather as well as moths, bats, beetles, etc, they can both detect and interpret environmental change.

Finally Carol Newman gave us an excellent insight on the 800 year history and a comprehensive external and internal tour of Wyke Manor itself and although it is now used as offices, its beautiful oak panelling and well preserved interior decoration still prevails.

During the afternoon we were also treated to coffee, tea and biscuits giving all our Members a  chance to socialise. A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all.