Thank you to former Committee members

Thank you to retiring Committee member Wilf Hodges, and to Liz Miall and Chris Chapman who, whilst no longer on the Committee, continue to advise and work on our behalf.

Wilf Hodges has been our Membership Secretary for six years. This has been a time of technical change and greater demands in relation to data protection and regulatory compliance. Wilf has undertaken a great deal of work to keep us up-to-date with current regulations and has introduced improved ways of communicating with members and handling data. We are grateful to him for the work he has put in over the years and in the cheerful, professional way he interacts with members. This involves answering queries, ensuring that subscriptions are paid and keeping members of the Committee informed about new and existing members.

Liz Miall has been a member of the Dartmoor Society Committee for over 10 years and is our representative on the Peatland Partnership. Liz has attended the Partnership meetings and expressed our views and concerns there and on site visits. She has comprehensively briefed the Dartmoor Society Committee and kept a watchful eye on the ground during the seasonal ‘restoration’ work.

We are grateful to Chris Chapman for his continued support and commitment to the Dartmoor Society. Whilst he is no longer on the Committee, we value and benefit from his expertise and his insights, the result of over 50 years spent observing Dartmoor and its people. We are lucky to be able to draw on his extensive catalogue of Dartmoor photographs.