Submit Your Letter of Support for Yennadon Quarry Expansion

Yennadon Quarry

Dear All Members and Friends of Yennadon Quarry,

We would like to draw your attention to the letter shown below generated by our Chairman Dr Tom Greeves in support of Yennadon Quarry’s plans to obtain planning permission to complete a proposed, modest expansion. The planning application is logged under number 0348/15 and if like us you wish to support Yennadon Quarry please feel free to generate a letter of support yourselves.

From a historical point of view there is more information regarding Yennadon Quarry’s plans etc in a previous Dartmoor Society Newsletter, Number 51, dated October 2014 which has a picture of the Quarry on the front cover. Also at the time, Tom wrote on behalf of the Dartmoor Society to the Western Morning News outlining his disappointment at the DNPA recommending refusal of the Quarry’s previous planning application itemised (number 0667/13) which was also for a modest expansion programme. This letter was featured on pages 9–11 in our Dartmoor Society Newsletter Number 51 and there was also a write up regarding a very successful Dartmoor Society walk incorporating Yennadon Quarry on Wednesday 11th June 2014 led by Liz Miall on pages 17–19 of the same Newsletter.

Looking at Yennadon Quarry’s current situation your valued support for this extremely essential, but also very discreet local enterprise is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Tanya Welch
Honorary Secretary, The Dartmoor Society