Letter to Dr Kevin Bishop, DNPA, regarding Hillyfield Plantation

Dr Kevin Bishop
Chief Executive
Dartmoor National Park Authority
Haytor Road
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9JQ

20 August 2016

Dear Kevin,

Hillyfield Plantation & Tom’s Brake, Harbourneford – Application 0259/15

I am aware that in June 2015 DNPA refused planning permission for a new wood drying barn and a store for tools and machinery at Hillyfield Plantation, and in January 2016 served enforcement notices on several structures, and that a planning inquiry is scheduled for March 2017 to consider the owners’ three appeals (3140928, 3146596, 3146597) against these actions.

Having had an opportunity to visit the site and to discuss its management with the owners and others, I am persuaded that Hillyfield is a fine example of how woodland on the fringes of Dartmoor can be sustainably managed, with community benefit, in the 21st century. Rather than causing any harm to Dartmoor, visually or otherwise, it is a significant asset of which the National Park should be proud.

Therefore I am now writing on behalf of the Dartmoor Society to respectfully ask Dartmoor National Park Authority to rescind its refusal of planning permission and its enforcement notices, and to withdraw from the planning inquiry. These would be noble and wise gestures, which would be widely welcomed. Such action would also enhance the reputation of the Park Authority and would save the expenditure of considerable sums of public money and other resources.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely, 

Tom Greeves, Chairman, The Dartmoor Society