Letter by Tom Greeves in Support of Yennadon Quarry Expansion

James Aven
Dartmoor National Park Authority
Haytor Road
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9JQ

4 August 2015

Dear James,

Applcn 0348/15 – Yennadon Quarry

I am writing on behalf of the Dartmoor Society which has a membership of some 450 persons. For seventeen years the Society has been an independent voice for those who find Dartmoor a source of livelihood or inspiration.

We fully support this application by Yennadon Quarry for modest expansion to allow fulfilment of its current planning permission to 2025. The application reaches to the heart of understanding and awareness of the cultural history and landscape of Dartmoor, and of sustainability and the wise use of resources.

Yennadon is the last active stone quarry working on moorland Dartmoor, out of scores that once existed. As such, it is a cultural icon and living heritage link to the previous generations of quarrymen and their families, who have shaped what is one of the finest cultural landscapes in the world.

Amazingly, this small-scale enterprise supports a workforce of twenty-seven. It provides stone for a wide area of west Devon and beyond, and is maintaining the historical value of Dartmoor which has always shared its resources (minerals, water, livestock etc) beyond the limits of Dartmoor itself. Its scale is entirely appropriate to modern Dartmoor and adds character to the Dartmoor landscape.

The proposed expansion poses no significant threat to archaeology, ecology or the wider landscape and, once the quarry has ceased working (2025), it will soon become an intriguing site, sitting quietly within a moorland setting. After abandonment, we advise that foundations of any structures within the quarry should be left undisturbed, for the education and interest of future generations.

This quarry is exactly the type of small-scale locally distinctive enterprise, making wise use of Dartmoor’s resources, that deserves widespread encouragement. We urge Dartmoor National Park Authority to approve this application.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Greeves MA PhD
Chairman, The Dartmoor Society