Higher Uppacott Visit

Lower Uppacott visit

Lower Uppacott visit

Two visits instead of one! This was the situation on Wednesday 27th March 2019 when we visited the newly restored Higher Uppacott Grade I listed Medieval Longhouse.

The original visit was timed for 2pm, however due to a large number of Members wishing to attend, the DNPA kindly agreed to provide a second tour scheduled in the morning at 11.30. The weather was perfect and the views from Bel Tor Corner Car Park where we were all meeting to do car sharing were superb.

The restoration of the Longhouse is very much a work in progress and these improvements have been funded by the “Moor Than Meets The Eye” heritage lottery project.

Our guide Ralph Mackridge was extremely knowledgeable and escorted us into the “Shippon,” and through the “Hall”, into what is described as “the inner room”. We also saw the “Parlour” and after being split into two groups we made our way up the much later constructed staircase to a couple of upstairs rooms which would have been primarily used as bedrooms. It was a truly fascinating and very informative day.