Dartmoor’s temperate rainforests: past, present and future.

Over 100 people attended our day of talks at the Fingle Bridge Inn on Friday 11 November 2023Dartmoor's temperate rainforests: past, present and future.

Thank you to everyone who was there and especially to the speakers who gave their valuable time to compose and deliver their talks.  Each was fascinating.  A report on the day is in our Spring 2024 newsletter, and in the Past Events section of this website https://dartmoorsociety.com/pastevent/dartmoors-temperate-rainforests-past-present-and-future/

Dartmoor’s temperate rainforests: past, present and future, was chaired by Nick Fennemore, vice-chair of the Dartmoor Society.

Our speakers  and their presentations were:

Guy Shrubsole Author and conservationist.                                                                             

Dartmoor’s temperate rainforests: an ecological and cultural appreciation.

 Ralph Fyfe University of Plymouth                                                                                            

Dartmoor’s temperate rainforests: a long-term view. 

David Rickwood, Eleanor Lewis and April Windle  The Woodland Trust                                   

Temperate rainforest – the need to protect, restore, create and collaborate. 

Dave Lamacraft 

Dartmoor’s rainforest, its lichens and bryophytes, and what Plantlife is doing to protect and restore it. 

Laurence Couldrick Westcountry Rivers Trust                                                                                      

The role of temperate forests and other nature-based solutions to deliver integrated catchment management. 

Helen Aldis and Tim Ferry Moor Trees

 What is the future for temperate rainforests on Dartmoor? Maintain, extend, expand?

Dartmoor's temperate rainforests: past, present and future.