Dartmoor Society Barbecue

52 Members and guests attended the Dartmoor Society annual Barbecue and walk on Friday 17th July at Leusdon Memorial Hall.

The event started with a thoroughly absorbing walk led by Dr Tom Greeves which commenced at Bel Tor Corner and even the heavy showers couldn’t dampen the spirits of those that attended.

After Tom’s fascinating walk everyone re-convened at Leusdon Village Hall where Tanya and Barry Welch barbecued the very tasty hand-made sausages produced by Downing’s butchers in Tavistock and Elisabeth Greeves had worked tirelessly to produce a sumptuous array of additional buffet food which included seven different flavoured quiches, potato salad, pasta salad, rice salad, French bread and butter and a wide range of yummy desserts.

Dr Tim Harrod who also attended the event kindly displayed his newly produced exquisite soil map of Dartmoor and the attendees were captivated by its content. All in all it was both a fascinating and truly enjoyable evening.