Will Hand – for innovative presentation of weather data


Tom Greeves announced that the Dartmoor Society Award 2015 was to meteorologist Will Hand. Will Hand, a retired professional meteorologist, who lives at Haytor, has kept a remarkable and important record of data relating to the weather of the Haytor area, with forecasting for both Haytor and the wider Dartmoor region, over the past ten years. Will also presents a summary archive of historical data and trends on his website.

Tom said that the Executive Committee had no hesitation in agreeing that Will Hand was a most worthy recipient of the Award.  Tom then
presented Will with the ceramic Award plate, made by Penny Simpson with calligraphy by Susanne Haines, which is inscribed ‘The Dartmoor
Society Award 2015 – Will Hand for innovative presentation of weather data’. Will Hand responded by saying that he has been interested in
meteorology since he was a teenager aged 14. When he moved to Haytor in 2002 he became especially interested in recording local weather. He started his weekly forecasts 10 years ago. Will said that he was ‘bowled over’ when, a couple of months ago, he received a lovely letter from Tom Greeves explaining that he was to receive the Dartmoor Society Award. He wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart. Will’s website can be found at http://www.lyneside.co.uk/Haytor/automatic/Current_Vantage_Pro.htm