Newsletter 35, June 2009

Newsletter 35, June 2009
Society News
The 12th Dartmoor Society Award to Elisabeth Stanbrook
The Future of England’s Upland Communities consultation response
Knowle Terrace, Walkhampton planning update
Eco-Community Granted Planning Permission
Rewetting the Blanket Peat
Crownhill Down Fence
Wild River Cold Stone Film by Chris Chapman and  Kate King
Comment on Local Development Framework — Development
Management & Delivery — Development Plan Document 2006-
Brimpts Farm — Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust & Tin Mine,
Finds Day, Holne
Annual General Meeting, Belstone Village Hall
Throwleigh Festival Report
Visit to Headon China Clay Works, Cornwood, 6 May Report
Botanical Walk, Okehampton Woods, 24 May Report
Correspondence Received – New Bridge Proposed to Cross the Upper Becka Brook
Feeling the presence of God — Life as a Dartmoor clergyman. An interview with Venerable John Rawlings, Archdeacon of Totnes
Front Cover : Widecombe-in-the-Moor church, Tom Greeves